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KaiHonua supports various project types and industry verticals, with deployment capabilities all around the world.  Whether short or long term – small or large scale, KaiHonua can fulfill your unique project requirements.

Recent Projects


>  Enhanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (EVDI)

>  Outside Plant DSLAM / LRE

>  Data, Voice, Video Cabling Installation


>  Cybersecurity Management

>  Secure Network Infrastructure

>  RMF Support for Ashore/Afloat Networks


>  VDI Services

>  IP VTC Support Services

>  Virtualization Support

Health Systems

>  Hospital-based Information Assurance

>  Ocular Registries & Database Support

>  Military Health System Rapid Prototyping Support

Research & Development

>  Medical Architecture Development

>  Application Development for Enterprise Networks

>  Prototype, Testing, & Evaluation

Primary Customers

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